T1 Lines and Dedicated Internet Access for Business

T1 Lines and Dedicated Internet Access for Business

We offer T1 lines and dedicated Internet access for business customers who need
the most reliable Internet connections at
competitive rates, from the top national and
international providers. We
will help you save time and money locating the right
dedicated connection. We deliver multiple rates from the top providers with one simple
request from you.
We will also help you locate integrated voice and data connections,
in addition to MPLS and Ethernet services.
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T1 service is a dedicated Internet connection that is almost always used for business. The bandwidth is
1.54 Mbps in both directions and that symmetrical bandwidth is what sets them apart from DSL or Cable
services. The
upstream speed is the same as the downstream, where the upstream on DSL or Cable
connections are almost always much 
lower than the downstream.

The newest type of connections that areavailable nationally are Dedicated Ethernet connections. The
bandwidth ranges from 1 MB to 1 GB. At this time, most metro areas have Ethernet available, with
other areas coming up as time goes by. Ethernet service can be delivered over copper pairs for short
distances and by fiber for longer distances and higher bandwidths.

T1s are highly reliable dedicated Internet connections that are available in most areas of the US,
are used when a company has to be online all the time. The most popular reasons to have a
dedicated T1 connection is for VOIP,
streaming video or large data file transfers.

The best way to get the lowest rate from a reliable carrier is to find one who has a point of presence
(POP) near your location, thats what we do. The phone circuit between your location and the POP is
known as the local loop and that is the part of the connection that the "T" in T-1 stands for. On average,
the local loop represents 70% to 80% of the monthly cost. If you happen to be far from a
POP city the
cost will be higher than the national average of $298 to $469 per month. 98% of our
 customers have
 paid between $298 and $469 per month for a full 1.54 Mbps connection.

If you need higher bandwidth than the standard 1.5 Mbps and Ethernet is not available, then bonded T-1s
are the next step up, before
you need a T3 connection. Bonded T-1s are available in multiples of 1.5 Mbps,
like 3.0 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps,
6.0 Mbps, 7.5 Mbps, 9.0 Mbps, etc. The limit is usually 12 bonded T-1s for a total
of 18 Mbps. Bonded
connections are a good choice if you do not expect to go over 18 Mbps of total
bandwidth and if the local
loop distance is high. In most cases, you will still save money on a bonded
connection over a T3 connection, but an Ethernet connection is the best value if you can get it.

Hopefully the information above will help you understand what dedicated T-1s are all about. Please feel
comfortable calling us for a free consultation. We are always glad to speak with business customers
who need help locating the right connection.

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